Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture For Fertility: Safe, Natural, Effective

If you’re seeking natural, holistic support for pregnancy or acupuncture for fertility, put yourself in safe hands with an experienced practitioner of Chinese reproductive medicine.

Effective and responsive acupuncture, Brisbane

I am an experienced, registered Chinese medicine practitioner, with many years of dedicated attention to natural health and fertility.

My area of clinical expertise includes the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for:
• Labour preparation and Induction
• IVF support
• Natural pregnancy
• Female fertility and gynaecology
• Male infertility

I provide seminars and workshops to other health professionals, and maintain a schedule of ongoing personal professional development so you can be assured that I’m knowledgeable in the very latest in reproductive medicine. Most importantly, you’ll feel welcome and informed from your first visit to my centrally located clinic.

Complementary therapy from conception to birth

My approach to treatment is patient-focussed to ensure you’re supported emotionally as well as physically when you’re trying to conceive or dealing with the stress of infertility. I give you time to explain your symptoms and experiences with other treatments. Then, together, we will find the right balance of therapies to support your body during the journey from conception to birth, or in treatment for other gynaecological or hormonal conditions, like endometriosis or PCOS.

I combine a deep understanding of the language and processes of Western medicine with effective complementary therapies available from Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine. I pride myself on offering relaxed but professional health therapy and fertility acupuncture for Brisbane clients.

Contact me today to discuss caring, expert Chinese reproductive medicine and acupuncture for fertility at an established Brisbane clinic.