Acupuncture headache migraine therapy is supported by strong clinical evidence.

acupuncture headache migraine

There is strong clinical evidence to support acupuncture headache migraine therapy.

What is the history behind acupuncture for acupuncture headache migraine therapy

Acupuncture headache migraine therapy is well covered in the classical acupuncture texts – both for acute treatment (during a headache) and as prevention (otherwise known as prophylaxis).

Traditional acupuncture texts do not distinguish between headache types like western medicine does.

When diagnosing, the acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner will ask a series of questions around the nature of your headache:  is there a pattern to them (maybe when you are tired; maybe when you are stressed; maybe just before your period or maybe when you are hungry?).

There will also be questions around the typical location of your pain (eyes, top of head, temples, face etc?) and also the quality of the pain (is it stabbing and fixed or does the headache move around; is the headache dull in quality or alternating between dull and sharp etc?)

Other questions might include questions about vomiting or diarrhoea or whether you lose your sight or get dizzy and experience vertigo.

Your Brisbane acupuncture practitioner, Peter Kington, will then analyse and organise your signs and symptoms into a Chinese medicine diagnosis and your treatment will be targeted towards addressing the signs and symptoms associated with that diagnosis.

What is the source of evidence to support headache migraine acupuncture  therapy?

Across 2016 and early 2017, Australian researchers conducted a review of the highest evidence possible to support the use of acupuncture headache migraine therapy.  This evidence included systematic reviews and meta analyses which are the highest form of available evidence.

What evidence is there to support acupuncture headache migraine therapy? [i]

There is strong evidence to support acupuncture therapy for people presenting with:

  • Migraine prophylaxis which includes treatment to prevent migraine headache
  • Chronic headache
  • Tension headache which can be associated with tight muscles and stress

What if my condition isn’t listed on this page?

All that means is that there hasn’t been enough research to officially say, “yep it helps”.  Before deciding whether headache, migraine acupuncture treatment is for you, feel free to give Peter a call to chat about your individual circumstances and his experience or knowledge of your problem

[i] MacDonald J, Janz S.  The Acupuncture Evidence Project:  A Comparative Literature Review (revised evition).  Brisbane:  Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd;  2017.  [accessed 21 February, 2018 from]

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