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What should I expect when I attend my initial consultation?

Peter sets aside extra time for your initial acupuncture in Brisbane consultation. Depending on why you are seeking his help, Peter will take a detailed case history. This case history will include establishing an historical timeline, noting your key signs and symptoms and asking other questions around secondary signs and symptoms.

Sometimes, as part of this consultation, Peter may ask you to lie on a massage table and he will poke around your legs, arms and maybe even abdomen – palpation is a key part of the Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Peter will take your pulse and perhaps even look at your tongue, he might ask questions about family history and also, importantly, questions around what expectations you might have in terms of clinical outcomes.

What happens in follow-up consultations?

Follow-up consultations are quicker than initial consultations.

The consultation will begin with Peter asking you to report back about any changes you might have noticed in your condition.

Change is an important word for Peter because it includes observations of things which are better, things which are worse and also things which might just be the same.  Peter will note your observations down and ask appropriate follow-up questions.

Most follow-up consultations involve 10 or so minutes of Q&A and the remainder of the time is taken up with treatment.

A little more about Acupuncture in Brisbane, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice.


There are many styles of acupuncture, all emerging mainly out of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Peter’s application of acupuncture is a mixture of the techniques he learnt at college many years ago, things he saw practised during his internship in China and more recently, styles he has studied at post graduate seminars in Australia.

Peter also, sometimes, draws from published research and will used tested protocols to support patient outcomes – especially with IVF support.

Peter believes that acupuncture’s strength is to regulate or normalise physiological mechanisms, which is why acupuncture may be effective in treating pain or regulating the hormones associated with fertility.

The most important thing for Peter is to choose an acupuncture treatment which addresses the underlying mechanisms he identifies through the careful consideration of your signs and symptoms and then to safely apply the needles to achieve the therapeutic outcome you and he are working towards.

Dietary and lifestyle advice

Food therapy is an integral part of Chinese medicine, but as a system of medicine it is more effective when taken in conjunction with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Peter may make recommendations that you eat less of certain types of foods and perhaps eat more of other food groups. These recommendations are based on his diagnosis and careful analysis of your presenting signs and symptoms.

Lifestyle advice might include recommendations for reducing stress, increasing fitness or even taking steps to improve how you sleep at night by modifying behaviours before you go to bed.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine involves the preparation and ingestion of organic substances in a formula to treat signs and symptoms associated with you feeling unwell or to correct a dysfunctional bodily mechanism. In Chinese medicine, herbal formulas are generally consumed as teas, tinctures, capsules or pills.

Herbal formulas, in Peter Kington’s Chinese herbal medicine practice, are offered to clients in two methods of delivery.

Herbal formulas which are constructed from scratch using separate herbs which are mixed together and customised to a client’s unique clinical presentation.  Peter uses high grade herbs, which are pre-prepared as granules.  Simply add boiling water and drink as a tea.  There is no boiling of herbs and no smell wafting through the house.

Herbal formulas can also be offered as capsules or pills.  These are convenient and easy to take, although perhaps not always as strong as customised granule formulas.  Capsules and pill formulas are pre-made and while they don’t have the benefit of individualised formulas they are high quality and still effective in achieving improved therapeutic outcomes.

Peter Kington acupuncturist, (07) 3367 1150, to provide support with fertility acupuncture, IVF acupunct ure, pregnancy acupuncture and general acupuncture care.

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