As an experienced acupuncturist, Peter Kington enjoys working with clients who are committed to achieving their best health via a collaborative relationship with their practitioner.

Peter understands the relationship which is built between client and practitioner must be one which is open, honest and trusting. At all times, Peter sees his clinical role as being like a facilitator – offering clear, honest and impartial advice to help his clients feel better and live healthier, more contented, lives.

What type of clients work well with Peter?

As an experienced acupuncturist, Peter has learnt that the type of people who work well with him are people who:

  • Are interested in taking an active role in their own recovery
  • Make time for their recovery by maintaining their regular scheduled appointments
  • Understand that sometimes getting better takes time and persistence
  • Take on board and implement where necessary, appropriate and manageable dietary and lifestyle modifications.

What type of people normally work with an experienced acupuncturist like Peter?

General Healthcare


The idea of chronic health issues is broad and includes things that people have lived with for a long time. Often the people Peter works with have a sense of despair around their health and can often see no way of escaping this despair. People living with chronic pain associated with injuries to the body, or migraine and headache or arthritis are examples of chronic health issues.

Male and Female Fertility

Men and women with sub fertility enjoy working with Peter because of his extensive expertise in this area. Through his training in biomedicine Peter has developed an extensive understanding of human fertility and where it can go wrong. His many years of acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinical practice have allowed him to construct effective treatments for men and women with sub fertility. Peters best skill is his ability to think in Western medicine, treat with Chinese medicine and bridge that divide for his patients in clear and easily understood language.

Pregnant Women

Peter loves offering support for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, anxiety, back pain and even breech presentation. He loves working with women towards the end of their pregnancy to help them prepare their body for labour and the early weeks of motherhood.

Ready to book your first consultation? Contact Peter

Peter offers a range of days and appointment times for first and follow-up consultations. Contact Peter here and he or an associate will call you back, have a quick chat about your needs and find a mutually convenient time for your first appointment. If you’d like to know more about how Peter works, then visit his How I treat page.