Pregnancy acupuncture offers safe health care for women at all stages of their pregnancy

The use of pregnancy acupuncture as a reliable and safe means of health care for women during their pregnancy has gained popular acceptance across the western world.

Renowned pregnancy acupuncture scholars like Debra Betts and Zita West have drawn extensively from modern research to bring excellent treatment strategies for practitioners to help support women during their pregnancy.

Peter’s acupuncture for pregnancy practice is well equipped to help women.  He has a pregnancy acupuncture treatment table – complete with a hole in it to allow for face down, comfortable treatments for his clients.

Peter’s experience and training means he knows which acupuncture points are safe to apply during therapy – and which acupuncture points should be avoided.  Always ask a prospective practitioner if they are aware of these important safety issues.

Peter’s pregnancy acupuncture practice offers support for a wide variety of conditions but the most common include:

  • Nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness
  • Miscarriage prevention (sometimes this involves working with a woman prior to being pregnant)
  • Mood changes associated with anxiety, depression and stress
  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Headache during pregnancy
  • Cold and flu during pregnancy
  • Labour preparation and pre-labour support

Is pregnancy acupuncture safe for my baby?

Yes, pregnancy acupuncture is very safe and will not harm your baby provided the practitioner you choose understands the safe application of pregnancy acupuncture.

Pregnancy acupuncture with Peter Kin gton on (07) 3367 1150, to help with morning sickness, breech p resentation, labour support and preparation.

Is it true acupuncture can induce labour?

Take care with websites which claim acupuncture therapy can induce labour.

There are acupuncture points which are regularly used during a woman’s pregnancy because they are thought to potentially stimulate contractions (although there is no scientific evidence to support this).

However, there are also long-held protocols – well explained in acupuncture texts – to support women during the final weeks of pregnancy as they make their way towards labour.

These clinical approaches include using acupuncture points which are generally NOT used during pregnancy because acupuncture theory holds these points to be stimulating to the uterus.

In the final stages of a pregnancy it is appropriate to use these points to support the transition to childbirth.

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