Acupuncture Brisbane and Chinese herbal medicine with Peter Kington in Greenslopes

Acupuncture Brisbane with Peter Kington  for natural fertility, IVF and pregnancy support.

Peter understands the relationship which is built between client and practitioner must be one which is open, honest and trusting.

Peter Kington, in his acupuncture Brisbane clinic in Greenslopes, sees his clinical role as being like a facilitator – offering clear, honest and impartial advice to help his clients feel better and live healthier, more contented, lives.

What type of clients work well with acupuncture Brisbane practitioner Peter Kington?

As an experienced acupuncture Brisbane practitioner, Peter has learnt that the type of people who work well with him are people who:

  • Are interested in taking an active role in their own recovery
  • Make time for their recovery by maintaining their regular scheduled appointments
  • Understand that sometimes ‘getting better’ takes time and persistence
  • Take on board, and implement where necessary, appropriate and manageable dietary and lifestyle modifications.

What should I expect when I attend my initial consultation?

Peter sets aside extra time for your initial consultation.  Depending on why you are seeking his help, Peter will take a detailed case history.  This case history will include establishing an historical timeline, noting your key signs and symptoms and asking other questions around secondary signs and symptoms.

Sometimes, as part of this consultation, Peter may ask you to lie on a massage table and he will poke around your legs, arms and maybe even abdomen – palpation is a key part of the Chinese medicine diagnosis in his acupuncture Brisbane clinic in Greenslopes.

Peter will take your pulse and perhaps even look at your tongue, he might ask questions about family history and also, importantly, questions around what expectations you might have in terms of outcomes.

What happens in follow-up consultations?

Follow-up consultations are quicker than initial consultations.

The consultation will begin with Peter inviting you to report back about any changes you might have noticed in your condition.

Change is an important word for Peter in his acupuncture Brisbane clinic in Greenslopes, because it includes observations of things which are better, things which are worse and also things which might just be the same.  Peter will note your observations down and ask appropriate follow-up questions.

After about ten minutes –give or take – Peter will invite you to hop on the treatment table where he will start the treatment.

Are you ready to book your first consultation?

Peter Kington, Brisbane acupuncture practitioner, offers a range of appointment times for your first and follow-up consultations.