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Peter Kington – Acupuncturist is open for business…

To all my valued clients.

I have been working as an acupuncturist since 2005 and in those years I worked through the end of the SARS epidemic, bird flu, swine flu, MERS, zika and the global financial crisis … but nothing has been quite like COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The reason coronavirus is different is it has no known treatment strategy because it is a ‘new’ virus.  Because of that, public health officials are asking us all to take precautions and do our part not to spread the virus.

Until I am advised otherwise, my practice remains open and fully operational with a few modifications to ensure yours and my good health during this challenging time.

The clinic where I work, Nurture Studio, is a low-risk environment because, by and large, the types of clients we see aren’t seeing us because they have the ‘flu (more on that in a minute).

We intend on keeping it ‘low-risk’ so that you can have confidence that you can maintain your ongoing care during the coronavirus pandemic.

Until this period of uncertainty settles down, please consider the following. If you:

From my side, I am:

  • undertaking extra sanitising using hospital grade disinfectant on surfaces, in between clients 
  • undertaking extra and more vigilant hand washing, with soap and warm water
  • making sure hand sanitiser is available to all clients
  • wearing gloves during all acupuncture treatment as gloves provide barrier protection
  • assuring you I will not treat you if I am unwell

Please speak to me if you are uncomfortable about waiting in the waiting room for your session as I have a strategy in place to mitigate your concern.

If I get sick with a cold or the flu, can you still help me?

The short answer is – yes.

There is a long history in Chinese medicine of treating acute respiratory infection with herbal medicine.

If you feel yourself getting sick, call me straight away on (07) 3367 1150 to discuss your options.

Early intervention is best – so call as soon as you start to feel unwell.

Will I still have acupuncture if I have cold or flu?

While acupuncture is helpful when you have a head cold or flu, it is best you follow public health guidelines and self-isolate and not attend the clinic.

Instead, we will do a phone consult and work with herbal medicine.

You can arrange for someone to collect the herbs or I can send them to you in an Uber (you pay the delivery).

Please note, herbal consults are not claimable via your health fund and are inclusive of all follow up conversations while you are unwell (we need to stay in touch while you are ill to adjust dosage). The cost of this consult is a one-off $85.

Here’s to on-going good health and where necessary, a speedy recovery.

Remember, the clinic is still open and I am still working and ready to help.

See you soon

Peter Kington