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PCOS natural treatment – natural fertility support for women living with PCOS

Is PCOS natural treatment the right approach for me?

Whether PCOS natural treatment is the right treatment for you will depend entirely on what your short, medium and long term goals are.

But before we get into whether PCOS natural treatment is the right treatment for you, let’s step back and look at what PCOS is and what PCOS natural treatment might look like.


What is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS for short) is a disorder of the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is the system which makes and regulates hormones.  The endocrine system is a signalling system.

Hormones are produced in glands.  Our body is an incredible machine and it ‘self-regulates’ the amount of hormone circulating at any given time.

When this system of self-regulation goes awry, we either end up with too little or too much hormone.

The endocrine system is finely balanced and when there is too little or too much of a hormone we can become unwell.

PCOS occurs when the signalling mechanism between the ovaries and the anterior pituitary becomes disordered.

How are women with PCOS different from women who don’t have it?

The common signs and symptoms for women with PCOS are:

  • absent or irregular periods
  • anovulation (failure to ovulate)
  • ‘bad skin’ including oily skin or acne
  • hormonal imbalance involving testosterone, luteinising hormone and oestrogen
  • ‘polycystic ovaries’ visible with an ultrasound
  • weight gain around the belly

Of course, no two women are the same and while some women might experience all these signs and symptoms, most women will experience some but not all of them.

The Centre for Research Excellence in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an excellent, evidence-based organisation to learn more about PCOS.

How is PCOS diagnosed?

Most women seeking PCOS natural treatment will already have a diagnosis from their preferred health practitioner – usually a fertility specialist.

Diagnosis involves your doctor taking a case history, running some bloods (to measure your hormone levels) and also an ultrasound so they can see your ovaries.

How is PCOS treated by a doctor?

The medical treatment for PCOS is entirely dependent on the outcome you are seeking.

For women who are not trying to conceive, treatment will either be just a ‘wait and watch’ approach.  The other approach is to put you on the oral contraceptive pill.

The oral contraceptive pill does not fix your PCOS but it helps you to bleed with the help of the hormones contained in the pill.

For women who are trying to conceive your treatment will probably include ovulation induction with drugs (like Clomid or Femara) or exogenous pituitary hormones.

Depending on other factors, your fertility doctor may recommend IVF as your best line of PCOS management.

What is PCOS natural treatment?

PCOS natural treatment will depend entirely on the practitioner you are seeing.  A naturopath will treat PCOS differently from an acupuncturist or herbalist.

However, the overarching objective for any PCOS natural treatment is to support your overall goal which, for most women, is conception.

PCOS natural treatment
PCOS natural treatment with acupuncture

Does PCOS natural treatment with acupuncture replace ‘standard medical care’?

So this is the really great thing about PCOS natural treatment with fertility acupuncture – it works beautifully alongside any hormonal therapy.

The practice of acupuncture is dependent on a Chinese medicine diagnosis.

The Chinese medicine diagnosis is based on an analysis of your unique presentation of signs and symptoms.  It does not replace your medical diagnosis but sits nicely alongside it.

Whether including herbal medicine in your treatment plan is appropriate will be discussed during your first acupuncture consultation.

What makes the information in this blog more reliable than anything else I’ve read?

The author of this blog is Brisbane acupuncture practitioner Peter Kington acupuncturist.

Having been in practice since 2005, you will be in experienced hands.

In addition to his acupuncture skills, Peter has also completed a Master of Reproductive Medicine from the University of NSW so has a deep understanding of the medical approach to PCOS.

Peter is an in-demand practitioner educator and teaches colleagues in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America on PCOS natural treatment options.

This combined approach helps him to deliver considered and individualised PCOS natural treatment to you.

Peter Kington, your Brisbane acupuncture practitioner, offers a range of days and appointment times for new and follow-up clients.

 Call now on (07) 3367 1150 or visit our contact page to make an online enquiry about PCOS natural treatment.


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