Pregnancy acupuncture in Greenslopes, Brisbane for women at all stages of their pregnancy

Does pregnancy acupuncture replace my usual pregnancy care team?

Pregnancy acupuncture is NOT a replacement for your usual means of pregnancy management (your midwife or obstetrician).

Rather, your pregnancy acupuncture therapy sits very nicely alongside your medical care team who will always remain your primary care providers offering you all the expert advice you need for a positive pregnancy outcome.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UK) has some excellent information for patients about pregnancy.

Is pregnancy acupuncture safe for me and my baby?

While there is no single therapeutic intervention which doesn’t come without risk, when practised by a qualified, registered and experienced acupuncturist like Peter Kington in his Brisbane acupuncture clinic, pregnancy acupuncture is a fantastic supportive therapy for mother and baby.

As part of your initial consultation, risks and risk prevention strategies will be covered through the usual consent process.

Why might I have pregnancy acupuncture?

Women seek the support of a pregnancy acupuncture practitioner for a whole host of reasons including nausea and vomiting, low energy and the signs and symptoms associated with poor sleep, back and neck pain.

Speaking directly with Peter is a great way to find out if your current situation may be helped by acupuncture.

As your therapist, Peter Kington Brisbane pregnancy acupuncture practitioner will enquire:

  • Whether you are vomiting, nauseated or both
  • What time of day your symptoms are at their worst
  • What makes the symptoms worse (for example, eating, being hungry, being tired)
  • What makes the symptoms better (for example, eating something, having a sleep, taking a walk)?
  • Whether you are experiencing any other symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea or reflux?

This presentation of signs and symptoms, which are unique only to you, will then be analysed and crafted into a Chinese medicine diagnosis.

With the signs and symptoms built into a Chinese medicine diagnosis, the pregnancy acupuncture practitioner will then choose appropriate acupuncture points to support a return to good health.

When I am having pregnancy acupuncture with Peter Kington in his Brisbane acupuncture clinic, is it a comfortable experience?

Peter’s acupuncture for pregnancy practice is well equipped to help women.  He has a pregnancy acupuncture treatment table – complete with a hole in it to allow for face down, comfortable treatments for his clients.

Many women say they’d come just for the opportunity to lie face down – a treat for any pregnant women who’s usually a belly sleeper!

How does a pregnancy acupuncturist figure out what’s wrong and how does that then lead to treatment?

The pregnancy acupuncture practitioner is always most interested in the signs and symptoms you are experiencing.

For example, your “main complaint” might be morning sickness.  But the signs and symptoms associated with morning sickness, while a horrible experience for anyone experiencing them, can vary wildly from woman to woman.

Comfortable pregnancy acupuncture therapy

Is it true acupuncture can induce labour?

Take care with websites which claim acupuncture therapy can induce labour.

Induction of labour is a medical procedure which seeks to stimulate contractions by the administration of synthetic hormones and “breaking the waters”.  This is designed to initiate the labour process.

Acupuncture prior to labour is not the same as a biomedical induction of labour procedure.

There are a set of core acupuncture points which acupuncturists learn should not be used throughout pregnancy because, in the classical acupuncture texts, these points are thought to promote uterine contractions (although modern evidence supporting this is unclear).

Towards the end of a pregnancy, from the 37th week when a woman is considered at “term”, when used judiciously, these points can form part of a supportive pregnancy acupuncture treatment process, prior to labour.

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